Stay Once Remember Forever

An Award Winning 3 Star Hotel In Muscat.

Remas Hotel Suites an award winning 3 Star Hotel at Muscat. Located at Al Khoudh, Seeb. 20 Minutes drive away from Muscat International Airport Remas Hotel Suites offers a relaxing stay provided with great personal care.herb seeds amazon

A Hotel To Recover, Restore, Revive You!

Your Strength Comes From Peace!


Recover from physical ailments. A blessful place to rest & heal body.


Restore the lost health, peace & joy. A quiet resting place to restore strength.


Relax from the burdens of daily worries. A resting place to relax yourself.


Experience a new revival and new energy. A resting place to revive yourself.

Services & Facilities

Happy Guests Across the World


Stay Once Remember Forever!

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